Funeral of Shoshana Glustein and her daughters
Funeral of Shoshana Glustein and her daughtersPhoto by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Hundreds of people on Friday attended the funeral of Shoshana Glustein and her daughters Chaya Sara (7) and Chana (2), residents of the southern city of Ofakim.

The three were killed Thursday night in a bus crash in Jerusalem.

The heartbreaking funeral was held at Mount Menuchot in Givat Shaul in Jerusalem. Eulogies were said at the Shamgar funeral home, a few meters from where Shoshana and her daughters were killed while standing on the sidewalk near the Rav Shefa mall.

Rabbi Dov Glustein, Shoshana's husband and the girls' father, said, "They say, 'G-d gives, and G-d takes.' Everyone has his time in this world. She did not need to be in this world any longer."

"We received Mommy for a limited amount of time and no more than that. We received Sara for a limited amount of time, and we didn't need more than that, and Chana as well. That is what we believe. May G-d comfort us. We don't know how, but the same G-d who helped us until today will continue. We are praying for all of Israel."

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