Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore, MarylandiStock

A man has been arrested and charged with vandalizing a mailbox stand with a swastika and the name of a Trump endorsed candidate for Maryland governor.

Benjamin Katz, 33, was charged for spray painting a swastika and the word “Cox,” in reference to Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox, on a stone platform that holds three mailboxes, CBS News reported.

The incident occurred last Thursday in Baltimore County. The graffiti was painted on both sides of the mailbox in suburban Timonium.

The graffiti was condemned by Democratic Maryland State Senator Shelly Hettleman, whose district includes the house where the incident occurred.

“So this happened in the heart of District 11. It’s despicable – whoever is responsible should be held to account. I hope this is not an omen for how this campaign season will proceed,” Hettleman said on Twitter.

After the incident occurred last week, Cox denounced "this hateful and antisemitic crime against me, my supporters and the Jewish people.”

Police said they had been investigating the area since July 21 when a political sign was destroyed. At least five other acts of politically motivated vandalism subsequently took place there.