Brodny in Haifa
Brodny in HaifaCourtesy

Yossi Brodny, mayor of Givat Shmuel and chairman of the Jewish Home slate for the 25th Knesset, on Tuesday toured northern Israel.

Among others, Brodny visited Afula, Pardes Hana and concluded the visit at the home of the chairman of the Jewish Home in Haifa, Avi Kaplan.

Gil David, an activist from the Jewish Home in Haifa, said at the meeting, "We are sure that Brodny will enter the Knesset and lead to success like he did in Givat Shmuel."

Brodny said, "The journey to return the Jewish Home-National Religious Party to the forefront of the political stage is taking shape. I was happy to visit the party's local elected officials in the north of the country and I witnessed how they promote the great spirit of the Jewish Home-National Religious Party. The Jewish Home- National Religious Party will be the surprise of the elections."