Operation to arrest terrorists (illustrative)
Operation to arrest terrorists (illustrative)IDF spokesperson

IDF forces and forces from the Yamam counterterrorism unit on Tuesday morning operated in Shechem (Nablus), surrounding the home of terrorist Ibrahim al-Nablusi for the purpose of arresting him.

Initially, IDF and Yamam forces arrived at the scene, as snipers gathered on nearby rooftops. The forces called to al-Nablusi to turn himself in, but al-Nablusi responded by opening fire at the forces, who returned fire and hurled grenades. Later, the forces fired a number of antitank missiles, until al-Nablusi was eliminated.

There were been no injuries among the Israeli forces. Arab reports claim that ten of the armed terrorists suffered injuries.

Ibrahim al-Nablusi escaped arrest two weeks ago and was involved in a shooting attack at Joseph's Tomb which injured the Samaria Brigade commander. Al-Nablusi escaped elimination in Shechem approximately six months ago, and is affiliated with the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades of the Fatah party, to which Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas also belongs.

Earlier, al-Nablusi published a recording on social media in which he said, "Pray for me, I am besieged and am going to die as a shahid (martyr). Do not abandon your weapons."

Last week, security forces arrested senior Islamic Jihad terrorist Basa'am Asadi in Jenin. During that operation as well, Israeli security forces surrounded the home of the wanted terrorist, Asadi, and found themselves caught in a firefight. The forces carried out the operation successfully, however, dragging Asadi out of his home and arresting him.

Asadi's son later claimed that his father suffered injuries, including to his head.

Asadi's arrest led to threats by Islamic Jihad to carry out a terror attack against Israeli soldiers and civilians on the Gaza border, prompting Israel to close roads in the area. When Islamic Jihad did not back down from their threats, the IDF began Operation Breaking Dawn in Gaza.