Security at break of dawn
Security at break of dawnTPS

I don't know who decided on the name of operation "Breaking Dawn", but it's a catchy name. When Jacob our patriarch struggled with Esav's angel "until the break of dawn", the Sages describe that the latter was frightened by the morning light, while Jacob wondered: "are you a thief and is that why you fear the dawn?"

The people of Israel are not afraid of the dawn; because light clarifies things. Thus, the IDF fought without fear and without hesitation. The Israeli home front is strong. This operation continued through the ninth of Av, when another ruin is being rebuilt from the ruins of Jerusalem.

Last night, the night of the ninth of Av, I was supposed to teach in a number of institutions around the country. I naively assumed that for sure they would be pressured and cancel the classes because of the security situation. And lo and behold, it turned out not to be the case. The vast majority of the classes took place as planned (of course, subject to the instructions of the Home Front Command) without too much excitement or fear; and hundreds of people participated.

Thank God, dawn breaks more and more beautifully every day.