Boeing 767-400 of United Airlines
Boeing 767-400 of United AirlinesiStock

Passengers on a United Airlines flight from Newark to Tel Aviv were informed Saturday night that their flight was cancelled due to a "curfew in Tel Aviv, Channel 12 News reported.

However, the passengers reported on social media that the real reason the flight was cancelled was because the crew refused to take off due to the security situation in Israel, which has been in a shooting conflict with the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Gaza since Friday.

There are currently no restrictions on flights arriving at Ben Gurion Airport. About 70,000 passengers are expected to pass through Ben Gurion Airport today.

Delta and American Airlines have also cancelled flights to Israel at the last minute, though they claimed it was because local weather conditions prevented their takeoff.

United has offered passengers vouchers worth a hundred dollars and has not updated then on when another flight will become available.

"I was just boarding the flight from Newark to Tel Aviv", one of the passengers said, "when an announcement was made by United staff “Ladies and Gentleman, please pay attention because I will only make this announcement once and we will not respond to any questions. Our pilots refuse to fly to Israel. Your flight will be delayed to tomorrow at 7:00 am".