Interim PM Yair Lapid
Interim PM Yair LapidMark Yisrael Salem

Speaking at Sunday morning's weekly cabinet meeting, interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid addressed numerous issues. Later in the morning, the security cabinet met, and among the decisions reached was to offset the amount of money paid out by the Palestinian Authority from the tax revenues the Israeli government transfers to the PA.

The Israeli government collects a variety of taxes on behalf of the PA and transfers revenues to the Authority. There have been many calls in the past to withhold part of these revenues for various reasons.

The sum now under consideration is around 600 million shekels, equivalent to the amount the PA is believed to have paid out to jailed terrorists and their families over the course of the past year.

According to reports, the money will be deducted from the tax payments in 12 installments, over the coming year.

The security cabinet initially proposed to deal with security issues related to the Karish gas rig this week; ultimately, they instead decided to address the issue of tax payments to the PA.