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Well, she isn’t claiming sexual harassment. That’s refreshing.

But that could come next in Woke USA. Though as the always excellent Giulio Meotti documents in these Arutz Sheva pages, Woke-ism is rearing up in Europe as well.

Is Israel being spared this fast-moving poisonous culture?

Moving on, since we only know what we read, says here that a staffer at The New Yorker, Erin Overbey, just got fired for complaining that the magazine lacked “diversity.”

Huge story in the book and literary world.

She’s seeking redress from the union.

She also griped about “gender inequality” in the workplace, according to the report.

Editor David Remnick views it differently. He says she’s a constant headache. A real kvetch.

No, take that back. I was only interpreting. He says she was let go “for a pattern of misconduct disruptive for the Company,” and for “self-plagiarism.”

“Self-plagiarism” is a wrinkle. It’s when you present old material of yours as something new.

Whatever the reason, Editor-in-Chief Remnick must not have seen this coming, certainly not from inside his own confederacy of leftists.

Since he took over the magazine in 1998 from the flashy Tina Brown, he’s been the perfect Liberal, which means that everything he does is in keeping with political correctness.

Obviously, though, in a world where every person is watching every move you make, harshly, as Kafka would say, you can never be perfect enough.

You are always guilty.

You are always the accused.

Never mind what you did.

You always did something.

For Remnick, this thwack from his staffer, must sting as an Et Tu stab in the back. Seems that she sent out wholesale tweets and emails to register her complaints.

Management noticed.

It’s doubtful that Remnick toured the newsroom taking a census…how many are White, how many are Black, who’s a man, and as for women, suddenly, what is a woman?

Are there enough transgenders to fill the quota?

Apparently, never enough, and never enough Minorities. If he’d watch more television, Remnick would learn from the rest of corporate America how it’s done.

Virtually all commercials, these days, feature Minority performers. That’s the way to go…to avoid being called out.

Remnick must be wondering what more he could have done to be a more perfect Woke specimen.

Until he came on the scene, The New Yorker had been apolitical and a haven for literary introspection.

It’s where we first read Hannah Arendt’s “Eichmann in Jerusalem,” and Salinger’s “A Perfect Day for Banana Fish,” and Shirley Jackson’s terrifying “The Lottery.”

Good writing was worshipped, and we never knew, or cared, who was left, right, Democrat, or Republican.

Until David Remnick came along and imposed his leftist dogma, trampling high literature with low politics.

The hint came in 2004, when, as it says in Wikipedia, for the first time in 80 years, The New Yorker endorsed a presidential candidate…John Kerry.

Yes, John Kerry, and under Remnick’s heavy-handed leadership, it’s been that way ever since…politics, and leftist orthodoxy week after week.

Finally, to his chagrin, he found someone even more perfectly liberal than he could ever be, and she’s coming for him.

Hell hath no fury as a leftist scorned.

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