Tampa, Florida
Tampa, FloridaiStock

Neo-Nazis paraded with swastikas outside a Tampa youth summit put on by conservative group Turning Point USA over the weekend.

The Student Action Summit was targeted by neo-Nazis waving a swastika flag and carrying a torch with an SS emblem along with a black sun flag, the Miami Herald reported.

The protest was described as “an indefensible act of hatred,” by the Florida Holocaust Museum, who condemned the demonstration which took place at the Tampa Convention Center.

“This isn’t about politics or religion,” the museum’s chair Mike Igel said in a statement. “It’s about humanity. The Florida Holocaust Museum calls upon everyone, Jew and non-Jew, regardless of political affiliation, to condemn this blatant antisemitism in the strongest possible terms. This should matter to everyone.”

He added: “Openly and proudly displaying genocidal symbols is a direct threat to the Jewish community... Carrying the Nazi flag, or that of the SS, the unit responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the Holocaust, is an indefensible act of pure hatred.”

The Turning Point USA summit was attended by 5,000 people, with former President Donald Trump delivering a keynote speech on Saturday night, and other prominent Republicans, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), speaking.

A spokesperson for Turning Point told Yahoo News that the organization “100 percent condemns” the neo-Nazi protestors “in the strongest terms.”