Likud MK Dudi Amsalem
Likud MK Dudi AmsalemYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Likud MK David (Dudi) Amsalem has issued a scathing attack on interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid, calling him an “uneducated boor” and unfit to be premier.

In an interview on the Knesset Channel, Amsalem added that Lapid was “ignorant … [to the point that] he thinks that the Kotel Hama’aravi [Western Wall] is the Temple. And he calls us unenlightened!”

Amsalem also claimed that anyone who was not a combat soldier is unfit to be prime minister. “We’re talking about someone who is supposed to be serving the country. A prime minister is supposed to send soldiers across the border into battle, and I can tell you that if I had not served in the IDF I would not have entered politics. A prime minister who was born in Israel and had a 97-point army profile who nonetheless did not serve in the IDF in any significant capacity should not be prime minister,” he added, highlighting Lapid’s obvious ability given his high scores.

Lapid fulfilled his mandatory service in the IDF newspaper office, but according to Amsalem, he spent his years in the army “drinking beer in Tel Aviv pubs and hanging out with girls.”

When asked about former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who also did not serve in a combat unit, MK Amsalem did not respond.