Liana Savnok, suspected murder victim
Liana Savnok, suspected murder victimCourtesy of the family

Liana Savnok, the 22-year-old woman who is believed to have been murdered by her father, was buried on Sunday night in the Beit Shemesh cemetery.

Her father was also found dead at the scene and police suspect that he committed suicide. Savnok was found with stab wounds to her neck; her father, Alexander, was found in another room of the house with stab wounds all over his body.

Liana’s 17-year-old brother was the first to arrive at the home and he immediately called the authorities.

“About an hour before I got home, my father called me and told me to come home at once,” the boy related through his tears. “He sounded really agitated. As I walked through the door, I realized something was wrong.”

Police are investigating the possibility that the father intended to murder his son as well.

According to a report broadcast on Channel 13 News, the parents were going through a divorce process and the father had been issued a distancing order from his two children. However, the mother went on vacation at the end of last week, and found out while away that her husband was planning to visit their daughter. When there was no reply to her telephone calls, she alerted her son, who was not at home at the time, asking him to go and check things out.

It now appears that Alexander killed his daughter at some point in the morning, stabbing her with a kitchen knife.

According to neighbors, the father arrived home “unkempt, looking haggard, and walking with the aid of crutches. He hadn’t been seen in the neighborhood for years.” Police suspect that the father suffered from mental health issues.