Lapid at Cabinet meeting
Lapid at Cabinet meetingIsrael National News

Prime Minister Yair Lapid pledged to bring down the cost of basic goods in response to the rising cost of living in Israel during the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday.

Lapid said at the start of his remarks: "IDF, ISA and Israel National Counter-Terrorism Unit forces conducted counter-terrorism activities against terrorists in Nablus overnight. These were terrorists who recently carried out a series of shooting attacks. During the operation, the terrorists opened fire from rooftops and alleys in the Nablus souk."

"Our fighters responded quickly, efficiently and with precision. Several terrorists were killed in the exchanges of fire and several more were wounded. Considerable weaponry was seized.

"I commend the security forces for their efficient and successful operation. The policy of this government is clear: We will not sit and wait for Israeli citizens to be attacked. We will go out and take the fight to the terrorists wherever they are.

He went on to describe the steps the Israeli government is taking to deal with the spread of the Monkeypox virus: "On another matter, over the weekend the World Health Organization declared an emergency following the spread of Monkeypox. The Ministry of Health, led by Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, has been prepared for weeks to deal with the virus and has taken steps to locate patients, prevent infection and treat patients. One hundred and five cases of the disease have been identified in Israel so far.

"The ministry will continue to monitor the information that has been gathered around the world on the disease and is in contact with the health authorities in all countries. Ten thousand vaccine doses have been purchased and another 5,000 are due to arrive in Israel this week. Upon the arrival of the vaccines, the HMOs will begin to vaccinate at-risk populations and patients.

"I would like to take this opportunity to say a word about the coronavirus. The current wave of morbidity is receding. At present, there are 370 severe cases in the hospitals. The vaccines are available throughout the country and we hope that there will be a vaccine for the Omicron variant by winter.

Turning to the cost of lving, Lapid said: "Starting next week, on 1 August, the price of gasoline in Israel will drop. The price of fruits and vegetables are also trending downward. We are taking action to minimize the increase in the price of bread. I would like to thank Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman for his economic leadership."

"This government will lead a determined campaign against the cost-of-living. What is happening now is just the beginning. The cost-of-living is a national scourge and we are determined to deal with it.

"It cannot be there will be a wealthy country here with people who cannot finish the month. For 15 years, the fight against the cost-of-living was completely neglected – simply put, nothing was done. We are changing this right now.

"Just like we did with the coronavirus, we will lead a focused, item-by-item struggle: The price of food, housing – there have already been many more housing starts this year than in previous years – focused assistance to soldiers and young parents, and import reforms that will lower the cost of basic goods.

"At the initiative of the government, retail giant Carrefour is coming to Israel with huge discounts. We expect other major companies to follow in its wake.

"From here I say to all the players in the market: Whoever raises prices irresponsibly is liable to get up in the morning and find themselves with unexpected competition. This government believes in competition and opening markets and it will not hesitate to act," Lapid concluded.