Explosive device (illustrative)
Explosive device (illustrative)iStock

An explosive device was located Thursday in a well-known restaurant in southern Israel.

It is suspected that the device was planted at the scene following a criminal quarrel between the owner of the restaurant and a senior criminal.

In a statement, Israel Police said, "In light of the real danger and the great concern for the welfare of the public, which come to the business every day, it was decided as part of the investigation to hold a hearing for the business owner and close the premises by means of an administrative order for 15 days."

"Since last Thursday, the Lachish Area Central Unit in the Southern District has been conducting an undercover investigation, which until now was conducted under a complete gag order, after a powerful explosive device was planted in a restaurant located in a moshav in southern Israel.

"The device was located before it was activated, neutralized by police sappers, and its findings taken for further investigation."