Ben Shapiro
Ben ShapiroThe Daily Wire

Jewish conservative commentator Ben Shapiro received a death threat this week from a far right activist who is reportedly a follower of white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

According to the advocacy group, Aidan Duncan a “follower of white supremacist Nick Fuentes” filmed himself “shooting at a Nevada gun range and stating, ‘Alright Ben Shapiro, you’ve spun your last dreidel.'”

The video, originally posted to Instagram, has since been deleted.

After the video was condemned for its violent threat against Shapiro, a Twitter account reportedly used by Duncan challenged Shapiro to a debate.

According to, Fuentes is also known as “Nazi Nick” and has been posting antisemitic and racist videos, including questioning the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, since 2014.

He currently is the head of the “Groyper Army,” a group of alt right personalities who are tied to white supremacist ideology.

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