Giulio Meotti
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A preschool in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, has become "completely gender neutral," says the Telegraaf. "Would you send your child to a gender neutral primary school?" asks the Telegraaf. Not I.

-Teachers are called "tutors".

-No more "boys" and "girls", just "children".

-Genderless toilets and toys.

-On the other hand, why should a country that legalizes euthanasia of children not build schools that erase biological sex?

For many years, the Church of England has been sending out recurring signals to comply with the injunctions of progressive thinking. St. Albans Cathedral, the oldest and most continuous Christian place of worship in England, has even installed a Leonardo's Last Supper with a colored Jesus in homage to Black Lives Matter.

Now the Church of England has decided that there is no "official definition" of what a "woman" is. Meanwhile, 360 million Christians in the world suffer a brutal form of persecution, but in the free West there is a state Church that does not know what a woman is. If not the Bible, for which people are persecuted today from China to Africa to the Middle East, these "bishops" could have followed biology. But the woke religion doesn't need to become a recognized church, as we often read. It will simply take the place of a British church destined to disappear within the next 40 years.

The Biden Administration, Democrats in Congress, and liberal movements in America have all dropped the word "mother" to appease the transgender community. The National Education Association, the largest teachers union in the country, replaces "mother" with "person who gives birth". Meanwhile, Jill Biden has just attended the Latinx conference, the horrible gender-neutral neologism to indicate Latinos. But Latinos don't like being called a name that sounds like it needs a kleenex and so they're moving right to the GOP.

She wanted to talk about how there are only two sexes in biology. But a group of students announced protests and biologist Marie Luise Vollbrecht's lecture at the famous Humboldt University in Berlin (where she taught Hegel and studied Albert Einstein and Max Planck) was canceled,

The Welt said the lecture's title was “Sex, gender and why there are only two sexes in biology”. The university justified the censorship with "security problems" ahead of the protest. Vollbrecht told Bild that cancellation "is giving in to radical and violent activists who have no understanding of biology." We can no longer speak of a debate “when events are canceled out of fear of violence”. The incident is another example of the "radical means used by gender ideologues".

All these stories happened over the last few weeks and that means that the West is disintegrating very rapidly along its decadent lines. What kind of world are we leaving our children?