A 62-year old tenured UCLA professor has taken early retirement, citing the "woke takeover of higher education," including that classes at the university are "awash in anti-Zionism, a.k.a. thinly disguised Jew-hatred."

Anthropology professor Joseph H. Manson said in a post on his website explaining why he was resigning that among other incidents, a UCLA professor of Asian American Studies was celebrated by faculty and administration for inviting a guest lecturer who proclaimed that “Zionism is a form of white supremacism.” After the incident caused a “considerable brouhaha,” the professor was “celebrated by the faculty and administration as a courageous, embattled exponent of academic freedom,” unlike professors across North America who didn’t fit in with woke orthodoxy who were forced to resign or fired, Manson said.

“More recently, the Asian-American Studies Department posted to its website a statement accusing Israel of settler colonialism, racial apartheid, etc. Irrespective of the content, doesn’t it infringe on the academic freedom of individual professors (and postdocs and graduate students, whose careers are dependent on faculty recommendations) for an academic department to take a political stand on behalf of all its members? Several other Jewish faculty and I have made that case to the UCLA and overall University of California leadership, to no avail.”

Manson had been a tenured professor at UCLA since 2000. He wrote about the wide-ranging changes he noticed taking place in his department, which once was "unusually peaceful, cohesive, and intellectually inclusive.”

"I’m a professor, retiring at 62 because the woke takeover of higher education has ruined academic life. ‘Another one?’ you ask. ‘What does this guy have to say that hasn’t already been said by Jordan Peterson, Peter Boghossian, Joshua Katz, or Bo Winegard?’” he said.

Manson explained that “gradually, one hire at a time, practitioners of ‘critical’ (i.e. far-left postmodernist) anthropology, some of them lying about their beliefs during job interviews, came to comprise the department’s most influential clique. These militant faculty recruited even more extremely militant graduate students to work with them.”

The academic referred to a 2019 article by Liel Leibovitz, titled “Get Out,” that “argued that the increasingly open hostility of American universities toward Jews is inseparable from the universities’ increasingly brazen rejection of two values that, during the 20th Century, made them into places where Jews specifically, and curious, ambitious, and open-minded people generally, could thrive: meritocracy and free debate.”

“In 2019, I thought that Leibovitz was exaggerating and rather overwrought. Everything that’s happened since has shown that he was right. That’s it: I’m getting out,” Manson said.