The Hermes 450
The Hermes 450Flash 90

Military censors have allowed the publication Wednesday afternoon that the IDF uses unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out attacks in enemy territory.

For example, yesterday the IDF has used 'Zik' Hermes 450 UAVs armed with missiles to attack Hamas' position in Gaza.

The 'Zik' UAVs have been in use for many of its targeting assassination missions in Gaza because the craft is able to strike its target with a high degree of accuracy without collateral damage. The craft is also used to perform the 'roof-knocking' procedure to keep uninvolved civilians from being harmed.

For many years, censors have banned the publication in Israeli media of reports that the Air Force was carrying out attacks using unmanned aircraft.

"At the end of the staff's work, during which the censor examined the field of attack drones in a thorough and factual manner, it was found that there is no impediment to publishing the IDF's use of attack drones as part of its operational activities," the military censor stated.

The Hermes 450 UAV, made by Elbit, has been defined as the "workhorse" of the Israeli Air Force. Its wingspan is ten meters, maximum weight 150 kg, 6 meters long and it costs about two million dollars. It is capable of flying for 20 consecutive hours and operating within a radius of hundreds of kilometers from the take-off area.