Stylianos Petrakis visits Israel
Stylianos Petrakis visits IsraelIDF Spokesperson

The Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff, VADM ( * * * ) Stylianos Petrakis, started his visit to the IDF today as an official guest of the Commander in Chief of the Israeli Navy, VADM David Saar Salama.

VADM Petrakis visited the Haifa Naval Base, where he was welcomed by an honor guard. He then visited an Israeli Navy Missile Ship and the Maritime Control Center.

Throughout his visit, VADM Petrakis met with senior officials from the Israeli Navy to discuss the continuation and strengthening of cooperation and joint exercises between the two navies in the region.

The Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff was be briefed on a variety of matters from the Head of Naval Operations (N3) and the Commander of the Missile Ship Flotilla.

VADM Petrakis concluded his visit at the "Yad Vashem" Holocaust Memorial Center in Jerusalem.