control tower at Ben Gurion Airport
control tower at Ben Gurion AirportPhoto by FLASH90

Moshe Goldberg today filed a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission head Adv. Miriam Kabha after the Israel Airports Authority informed him that he could only be hired to work at Ben Gurion Airport if he agreed to desecrate the Shabbat by working on Friday nights and Saturdays.

In the letter, his attorney, Michael Litwok, says: "As the Airports Authority says it has a chaotic shortage of manpower of hundreds of working hands. There is no doubt that it is neither obligatory nor possible for everyone to work on Shabbat. So to claim that the obligation to be available on Shabbat tis incumbent on all employees is clear discrimination."

"I will note that here my client did as much as possible to be hired and suggested that he do double shifts, on nights and evenings on Saturday nights and Thursdays and Fridays, and yet he was automatically rejected," he added.

He said, "Apart from the legal problem, there is a first-rate failure of morals and values here, as you advertise that you need hundreds of workers, and on the other hand dismiss close to twenty percent of the jobseekers. I remind, the Airports Authority is a government body that must follow the law and be a partner in the national effort to absorb haredi people into the workforce."

Litwok added: "It cannot be that a government body in the State of Israel discriminates against Shabbat observant workers in violation of the law. This absurdity cries out to heaven, the Airports Authority urgently needs a thousand workers but rejects close to twenty percent of Israeli citizens for no reason. We call on the Commission to act immediately and clarify the law to the Airports Authority. In addition, my client is considering filing a lawsuit for discrimination and his refusal to be accepted for the job. It cannot be that the State of Israel, the State of the Jews, fails and discriminates against the haredim in violation of the law. The Airports Authority must act in accordance with the law and in accordance with the ruling of the Labor Court in the Golden Mall case. "