Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps
Iran's Revolutionary Guard CorpsReuters

B’nai Brith Canada slammed the government of Canada for inaction on listing Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity, ignoring for years a parliamentary motion calling on it to do so.

Over four years have gone by since the House of Commons passed a motion calling on the federal government to designate the IRGC as a terrorist group, B’nai Brith explained.

The advocacy group launched a count-up clock on its website in “in an effort to emphasize and measure the federal government’s continued inaction.”

B’nai Brith described the clock as an “important illustration to help Canadians better comprehend the perplexing duration of the government’s failure to institute the aforementioned passed motion.”

They noted that AMIA Jewish Community Centre bombing in Argentina – orchestrated by the IRGC along with Hezbollah – left 85 civilians dead.

“How much longer will it take the government to fulfil its promised action to protect Canadians?” B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn said. “Just think about that delay. We find it astonishing.

B’nai Brith added that following the IRGC’s 2020 downing with a missile of a Ukrainian airliner that killed 176 passengers, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents, B’nai Brith filed a lawsuit against the government for failing to list the IRGC, in its entirety, as a terrorist entity. The lawsuit remains ongoing.

“This isn’t politics, this is terrorism, and the government must act immediately. To that end, we are petitioning the government again,” B’nai Brith said in a statement.

“Our new count-up clock measures the amount of time squandered since parliament passed the motion to list the IRGC as a terrorist entity and will continue to do so for as long as necessary,” Mostyn said. “We encourage people to keep track of this absurd delay by periodically checking out our visual for updates on just how long this has continued. We also encourage our followers to share this release with as many of their friends and family as possible.”

B’nai Brith questioned why Canada classifies the Quds Force, a branch of the IRGC, as a terrorist entity, but not the IRGC as a whole. The United States lists the entire IRGC organization as a terrorist entity.

“B’nai Brith will never stop advocating for the victims of Iranian terror,” Mostyn added. “As we commemorate the senseless slaughter of civilians 28 years ago at the AMIA Community Centre, we call on Canadians of goodwill to reject the IRGC and demand the government of Canada list it as a terrorist entity.”