Mainz, Germany
Mainz, GermanyiStock

A Saturday march in Mainz by a German neo-Nazi group was blocked by protesters who forced the extremist group to move to a different part of the city, Deutsche Welle reported.

The planned march was picketed by 3,000 people from anti-racism groups, church groups, labor unions and political parties whose presence forced the neo-Nazi marcher to leave the area.

The far right parade was attended by 50 members of the New Strong Party (NSP), only half of the amount the party had said would be there.

The NSP members chanted far right slogans, such as "Nazi city Mainz" and "Revolution now,” as the crowd of protesters blocked them from moving forward, police said.

NSP members also clashed with police who used pepper spray on the neo-Nazis.

The NSP group eventually moved their march to another part of the city, the EDP news agency reported.

Earlier in the day, Mainz Mayor Michael Ebling spoke to a group of protesters at the city’s train station, warning of the danger posted by the far right.

"They should take their brown backpacks, pack them up and start their journeys back home," Ebling said.