Vandalism in a Jerusalem preschool
Vandalism in a Jerusalem preschoolCredit: R"H

Three preschools in Jerusalem's Kiryat Menachem neighborhood were vandalized last weekend.

All three belong to the "Reishit" chain, and are located on Colombia Street. At least one apartment located near the preschools was also broken into.

Police officers arriving at the scene opened an investigation into the matter.

Dan Goldberger, the chairman of the community's Education Committee, turned to the neighborhood's residents, saying, "This morning we were informed, to our great dismay, that several preschools in the Colombia campus were destroyed over the weekend by vandals who destroyed, burned, and broke the contents of three preschools."

"If anyone saw or heard people or movement in the preschools near the Zachor L'Avraham synagogue, we would be happy to receive details so that the burglars and vandals can be brought to justice."

Vandalism in a Jerusalem preschool
Credit: R"H