Labor party primaries
Labor party primariesFlash 90

Tomorrow tens of thousands members of the Labor Party will participate in internal elections for the leadership of the party.

Over the last month, an electronic voting platform has been created so that those with the right to participate in the internal elections can do so easily, at a time and place of their choice.

In order to facilitate electronic voting, a special call center will be available to assist voters during the voting, after verifying personal details.

There are about 36,000 eligible voters for the party leadership election.

Last Thursday, the Labor Party conducted a successful trial of the voting methods. Now, party members will focus on preventing possible disruptions to the smooth running of election day itself.

Labor Party CEO Nir Rozen said: "The strength of the Labor Party rests on the foundation of internal party democracy. I would like to take this opportunity to call on all members of the party to make use of the options to cast their vote on Monday, to play their important part in Israeli democracy, and to influence the future of the party and the State of Israel."

The current leader, Minister Merav Michaeli, who has been in office for a year and is a candidate in these leadership elections, will cast her vote online at the telephone headquarters set up for the election.

Leader of the Labor Party Minister Merav Michaeli: "A little over a year ago the Labor Party faced wipeout by those who were prepared to give it up as a political mess of pottage. But I decided to fight for the party and its democracy, a struggle that reached as the Supreme Court and which I was happy we won. I am proud to serve as leader of the party and to rebuild it to fulfil its unique mission as the ruling party of the center-left, and I promise to continue to work so that it plays a leading role in Israeli politics, not as an add-on to Netanyahu governments as my predecessors did. The Labor Party has proven its importance in the leadership of the state over the past year and has proven its stability. We must continue to build Labor as a responsible, Zionist and modern political force as I have led it, together with my faction and party partners, over the past year."