Lapid at Cabinet meeting
Lapid at Cabinet meetingHezki Baruch

Prime Minister Yair Lapid addressed the killing of a police officer by a Ramallah resident driving a stolen car and the firing of rockets from Gaza during the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday.

"Israel Police Sergeant-Major Barak Meshulam was run over and killed last night while on operational duty. The assailant has been apprehended by the security forces. Our police officers risk their lives on a daily basis in order to protect all of our lives," Prime Minister Lapid said.

"From here I send condolences on behalf of the Government of Israel to his family, to Ariella his wife, to three-and-a-half-year-old Alma and to one-year-old Leo; we share in their grief.

Turning to the rocket fire from Gaza, he said: "On Friday night there were four launches from Gaza toward Israeli territory. In response, that same night, the IDF – in two waves – attacked targets in Gaza on a magnitude that they were not prepared for."

"This government's policy has not changed. We will respond quickly, forcefully and without hesitation to every launch and every incendiary balloon. I commend the IDF on its strong and precise operation.

"From here, all of us, all members of the government, send a big hug to the children of the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip who slept in protected spaces Friday night.

He addressed the visit to Israel last week of US President Joe Biden: "Last Friday, we bid farewell to US President Joe Biden, following a historic visit with diplomatic, security and economic achievements that will strengthen the State of Israel for years to come:"

"Starting with the flights over Saudi Arabia that will save Israeli citizens considerable money and time and through the Jerusalem Declaration, that assures the qualitative advantage of the Israeli security establishment.

"Throughout the visit, I made it clear to the President and his team that Israel opposes the nuclear agreement and reserves its right to full freedom of diplomatic and operational action against the Iranian nuclear program. Today the Government will receive a comprehensive briefing on the President's visit.

"On another important issue, whoever went into one of the branches of most supermarket chains this morning, discovered that the prices of a basic loaf of bread have not risen. This entailed quick action, together with the Agriculture Minister and the Economy and Industry Minister but we still have work to do.

"From here I thank the supermarket chains that acceded to the Government's request to wait until a solution is found. I thank the bakeries' representatives for working with us to prevent a price increase that will hurt the weaker sectors of society.

"This government has taken all possible action since day one for the economically disadvantaged sectors of Israeli society and will continue to do so.
Later today we will hold a discussion with all of the relevant officials on the issue of bread prices; we will look for – and find – solutions," Lapid concluded.