Price-controlled bag of bread and a bag of flour
Price-controlled bag of bread and a bag of flourChana Roberts

The price of price-controlled bread in Israel will rise 36%, starting on Sunday.

Originally, the price was to rise by "just" 20%. However, it later became clear that the Economy MInistry would raise the price by 36%, not the originally-planned 20%.

The price rise is caused, among other things, by the rise in the price of wheat and flour.

Earlier this week, Economy Minister Orna Barbivay (Yesh Atid) said, "In light of the conditions set in the law, the price of price-controlled bread, apparently, will rise on Sunday by 20%."

She added, "However, I intend to continue to work to improve the system by which the price-controlled products' prices are updated, so that social considerations and the public's welfare will also be taken into account."

"It saddens me that alongside the bakeries' decision to raise the prices of a large variety of products, just recently, they also insist on raising the price of the basic bread, which is so significant in the nutrition of many families in Israel."