Moshe Gafni, Degel Hatorah's leader
Moshe Gafni, Degel Hatorah's leaderOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The Yated Ne'eman daily, affiliated with the United Torah Judaism faction of Degel Hatorah, on Tuesday morning published an editorial claiming that the party belongs neither to the right-wing camp nor to the left-wing camp, and is not obligated to either side.

"Haredi Judaism is neither right nor left, it is led by the opinion of Torah," the article read. "Its representatives will do everything they are instructed, especially when their position is clear."

The article also quoted the late Rabbi Shach as once saying that, "We do not go with the kibbutzes which eat the other thing (pig - ed.), which have led the children of Israel to transgress their religion. We do not cooperate with those who uproot religion."

It added, "Many types of dirty ones have flowed in the rotten rivers of politics, but the position of faithful Judaism has not changed. We are neither left nor right."

Last month, Degel Hatorah's MK Uri Maklev said that if Likud leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu does not manage to win 61 Knesset seats in the upcoming elections, the United Torah Judaism party will join other parties instead.