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British Jewish advocacy organization Campaign Against Antisemitism slammed the UK’s largest bookstore, Waterstones and its affiliate Blackwell’s, after a report emerged that they were selling books by far right Holocaust deniers on their website.

Both booksellers have been offering titles by far right publishers such as the London-based Black House, which is named after the headquarters of notorious British fascist Oswald Mosley, Scout News reported.

“This kind of distribution allows tiny far-right imprints to gain a degree of legitimacy that they would not otherwise enjoy,” Campaign Against Antisemitism said in a statement.

Other titles include books by far right authors Tomislav Sunic and Kerry Bolton whose book "New World Order" contains a passage that claims, “The place of Jews in gentile societies is secure through the destruction of national and cultural cohesion through ‘cultural pluralism’ or multiculturalism.”

A spokesperson for Waterstones told the advocacy group that with a large catalogue, some inappropriate antisemitic titles can accidentally slip through without their knowledge.

“With the size of the catalogue numbering into the millions, we go to great lengths to exclude racist and otherwise unacceptable titles. Inevitably, some escape this scrutiny and these are removed as soon as they are noticed," they said.

In 2020, in reaction to a similar controversy over selling the works of conspiracy theorist David Icke, Watersones said it would remove all his books from their site.