scene of Bnei Brak terror attack
scene of Bnei Brak terror attackZAKA

The Military Court of Appeals accepted the appeal filed by the military prosecution to keep the father of the terrorist who murdered five people in Bnei Brak in March in custody after the Samaria Military Court ordered his release.

The father engaged in serious incitement following the murderous attack, praising his son's act and encouraging others to carry out similar attacks on social media.

The judge wrote in the Samaria Military Court's decision that "the actions of the defendant's son were despicable acts but from an emotional point of view it is difficult to judge the conduct of a person who lost his son ... The death of a son is a catalyst that can cause an immediate outburst of emotions, feelings, statements and even actions."

Galai Tzahal's (IDF Radio) military correspondent Doron Kadosh reported that the terrorist's father expressed full support for his son's actions after the attack and continued to incite others to carry out further attacks in the days that followed. And all of his videos were circulated on social media and garnered tens of thousands of views.

Time and time again he praised the "heroic martyrs", as he put it, at the height of the wave of terror which claimed about 20 lives in Israel during the Spring. About two and a half weeks ago, an indictment was filed against him for offenses of incitement and support for an enemy organization.

The military prosecution requested that his detention be extended until the end of the proceedings in his case, claiming that he was dangerous and that he might flee or escape the trial. The Military Court in Samaria did not accept the prosecution's position and ordered the defendant be released to his home while forbidding him to use social media.

The Military Court of Appeals overruled the Samaria court and sided with the prosecution, allowing the security forces to continue to hold the defendant until the end of the trial.