Passengers on a plane (illustrative)
Passengers on a plane (illustrative)iStock

Passengers landing at Ben Gurion International Airport found themselves trapped on their plane without air conditioning after landing, Israel Hayom reported.

The passengers in question arrived from Poland and Turkey. Due to a shortage of airport workers, they were required to wait on the plane for over an hour before they could disembark.

According to Israel Hayom, the reason for the delay was that no one was available to open the planes and allow the passengers to disembark.

Speaking to Israel Hayom, passengers said, "The air conditioners were turned off, there are children and elderly on the planes who are having difficulty coping with the situation. And the more time passes, them more people on the plane are losing their patience."

The site added that this issue has so far been reported to have affected just two flights, but there may have been other flights affected as well.

Senior officials at Ben Gurion Airport told Israel Hayom, "The Laufer company, which is supposed to deal with those flights, has a shortage of workers, and because of this, the passengers remain on the plane."