The University of Antwerp (UA) has suspended two staff members who were caught on video referring to Jews and Moroccans using offensive language, including calling Jews “asocial.”

The footage, which was leaked onto social media earlier in June, contained a conversation between a teaching assistant and a university official recorded after a botany class.

Their conversation contained “unacceptable statements” about Jews and Moroccans, Flemish news outlet VRT reported.

The two employees, who referred to Jews as “asocial” and talked about the “poor Dutch” of Moroccan students, did not realize they were being filmed.

UA Rector Herman Van Goethem described the statements in an interview on Dutch TV as “beneath contempt.”

In response, UA suspended both employees and said it will increase its commitment to a “culture of mutual respect” by including mandatory training for staff and instituting a code of conduct for staff and students.

“As rector, after consultation with the two staff members and nearby colleagues, I have decided to suspend them both with immediate effect,” Van Goethem said.

“The university is sincerely and positively committed to all students and staff members,” he added.