A British man accused of being behind “highly antisemitic” podcast station “Radio Aryan” appeared in a Swansea, Wales court charged with 15 counts of inciting racial hatred, The Independent reported.

James Allchurch, 50, of Pembrokeshire, was accused of uploading audio files between May 2019 and March 2021 to website Radio Aryan, which later changed its name to Radio Albion.

The podcasts were described as containing “insulting or abusive” content about minorities, and were posted with offensive cartoons and titles.

Prosecutor Ian Wright directly blamed Allchurch, who asked the court to call him by his podcast name “Sven Longshanks,” for distributing the podcasts, naming him as the owner of the website and host of the audio recordings, although he frequently co-hosted the podcasts and had guests such as the founder of National Action, whose group has been a banned terrorist organization since 2016.

The name “Longshanks” is reportedly a reference to Edward Longshanks (King Edward I) who expelled the Jewish from England in 1290.

The jury was told that the podcasts were “highly racist and antisemitic” and “white supremacist in nature,” BBC News reported.

The jury was played 15 podcasts, including antisemitic clips that were centered around claiming Jewish people controlled the banks, the media, and television and film industries.

"These recordings are insulting or abusive and were distributed with the intent to stir up racial hated,” Wright said.