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An American kosher certification agency has sued JetBlue Airways, accusing the airline of fraudulently marking foods with a ‘K’ hechsher without its certification, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

According to the lawsuit, the low-cost carrier that mostly operates domestically in the U.S., was sued in New Jersey for using the trademarks of Kof-K, a large kosher certification agency, without permission.

The Kof-K kosher certification is seen on thousands of food items internationally.

Kof-K accused JetBlue in the lawsuit of infringing on their trademark, false designation of origin, and deceptive trade practices.

The lawsuit came about after a package of artichokes, part of JetBlue’s Mediterranean “snack box” that is described on their website as kosher, was given a “K” hechsher though it had not been certified by Kof-K.

Kof-K’s complain rested not on whether the item in question was in fact kosher, but rather that they had not certified it and therefore the use of their logo was incorrect.