One of the many posters showing the missing boy, Moshe Kleinerman
One of the many posters showing the missing boy, Moshe KleinermanIsrael Dog Unit

The police appear to have a lead on the whereabouts of 16-year-old Moshe Kleinerman, 94 days after he went missing after visiting Meron for Lag B'Omer.

The police have announced that at their request, the Magistrate's Court has issued a restraining order in the investigation into the boy's disappearance.

The police stated: "The order prohibits the publication of any details of the investigation, any details that may identify the suspects, and any information on developments in the investigation. The order is valid until July 26, 2022."

Moshe's mother, Gitti, told Israel National News she was shocked at how long it took the police to establish a special investigative team into her son's disappearance.

"We felt so alone and we needed the help of the police, so we turned to them and filed a complaint and asked for help and to this day we still feel that no one is actually helping us," she said. "No one can even begin to imagine what we're going through. There's no day and no night - we have no life until Moshe is back home."

Mrs. Kleinerman also openly wondered whether the police and authorities would have been more proactive if they had been dealing with a secular rather than a haredi family.

"We are eaten up with worry, and all we want from the police is to see that they are genuinely mobilizing all of their resources to find my son," she said. "This is a country that knows how to get things done when it wants to. We just need to have Moshe back home - we can't go on any longer like this."