According to NYPD data released on Monday, violent crimes in New York City are skyrocketing even as murders and shootings are on the decrease.

Violent crimes have increased by 40 percent so far in 2022 compared with the same period in 2021. The list of surging felonies includes burglaries, grand larceny and robberies, the New York Post reported.

But the number of shootings and murders has decreased, the data showed. There have been 197 murders so far in New York City this year, a decrease of 12.8 percent from 226 in the same period last year.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Joseph Giacalone told the Post that the data was deceiving. Shootings are only down compared to historic levels in 2021.

“You went up against big numbers last year. That’s what’s leveling off the shootings,” he said. “But everything else is awful. Burglaries, robberies, grand larceny, felony assaults. We’re talking double digits in everything but murders and shootings.”

Robberies have surged by 39.4 percent from last year, increasing from 5,670 to 7,903, according to the report. Grand latency, also known as grand theft, has skyrocketed, from 15,920 cases to 23,786, a troubling 49.4 percent increase. Burglaries have gone up significantly across the city, from5,522 in 2021 to 7,389 this year, an increase of 33.8 percent.

Felony assault have also spiked, increasing nearly 20 percent from 2021.