Meir Porush
Meir PorushArutz Sheva

MK Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) on Sunday night clarified that he is not ruling out the possibility of his faction of United Torah Judaism (UTJ), Agudat Yisrael, separating from the Degel Hatorah faction.

Agudat Yisrael is a hasidic party, while Degel Hatorah is Lithuanian-haredi. The parties have been running together for many years, as the Ashkenazic-haredi UTJ.

Porush's statement follows a conference of Agudat Yisrael's Council of Torah Sages.

Speaking to Kol Hai Radio, Porush said, "What was said at the Council of Torah Sages was that we need to find communities who did not vote, that they should understand that it is important and go vote." He noted that it has been a "full year in which we saw how much they hurt us."

"The rabbis have given us a task which is not easy," he said, but noted that, "If everyone makes an effort, we will bring more votes to the Right. I don't know if we will bring another Knesset seat for UTJ, but we will do what the Sages of Israel have told us to do, and we will not give up."

Regarding a separate run from Degel Hatorah, Porush said, "I do not rule out the idea that we will each run on our own. But I have not heard such a demand from Degel. When we run alone and we are sure that everyone will pass the electoral threshold, it may actually show the strength of each one, like it does in the local authorities."