One of the letters sent to the Bennett family
One of the letters sent to the Bennett familyCourtesy

Several weeks ago, Ilana Haniah was arrested on charges of sending live ammunition in letters containing death threats to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his family. Newly released footage shows how Ilana used a number of different means in an attempt to keep from being discovered, including the use of latex gloves so as not to leave fingerprints on the letters or bullets.

According to the investigators in her case, Ilanah was charged based on the recordings themselves, which she appears not to have noticed while composing the threatening messages.

According to Lior Weiss, a spokesperson from the Israel Police's Lahav 433 investigative unit, the use of live ammunition makes the crime decidedly more serious, and the suggested penalty more severe.

The bullets were standard NATO 5.56 rifle rounds, along with plain white paper bearing two messages:

"This is the bullet that will hit your soft belly and be aimed directly at Yoni Bennett unless you resign," read one letter. Another threatened the Prime Minister's wife: "This bullet will wound the evil Gilat Bennett or you, the evil Naftali Bennett. You are advised to resign.