Sapir Nahum
Sapir NahumIsrael Police

The Acre Regional Court has extended the remand of Wahl Halayla by an additional five days, after he failed a polygraph test in relation to the murder of his ex-partner, Sapir Nahum.

Nahum was found murdered two weeks ago after an eleven-day search. Her body was found in a well in the Bedouin village of Ibtin.

According to the police representative on the case, Halayla underwent a polygraph test during which he was asked if he murdered Nahum. "Halayla answered in the negative and was found to be lying," the police officer reported.

Police have also reported that Nahum's murder was committed by more than one person. Halayla's brother was also detained for a period but he was later released to house arrest.

Security camera footage shows Halayla's car driving in the vicinity of the location where Nahum's body was found.