MK Dudi Amsalem
MK Dudi AmsalemNoam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson

Likud MK Dudi Amsalem declared Sunday morning that the Ra'am party would be welcome to join a Likud-led government as long as said government has 61 Knesset seats without it.

"Anti-Zionist parties cannot be part of the government as long as the government does not number 61. If Mansour Abbas wants to join after we have 61, then welcome and hello. We can ot rely on him. Jews currently cannot rely on an anti-Zionist party," Amsalem said in an interview with Keshet 12.

He added, "We have been saying this all along. A government should have a Zionist majority. Once you have a Zionist majority, I have no problem if you want to include someone else. We have never had any problem cooperating with the Arab parties on civic issues, but when we rely on them on national issues we lose our Jewish identity. When I was chairman of the coalition, I cooperated with Ahmad Tibi on the Dental Care for Children with Brain Injuries Law."

Amsalem expressed pessimism regarding the formation of an alternative government in the current Knesset. "In my opinion, we are wasting time on this. The next election is about the Jewish identity of the State of Israel, if will we become the state of all its citizens. There will be Jews, but this will not be a Jewish States. This is the most difficult struggle."

According to the Likud MK, he does not rule out sitting with Naftali Bennett in the next government. "The first condition is the strengthening of the Jewish identity. Soon the State of Israel will not be a Jewish State, that is the only thing we are going to the polls for. If we do not change the Supreme Court and the State Attorney's Office and reform them, we will not succeed in strengthening the Jewish state. Everyone who comes with us for legislation to reform the legal system and save the State of Israel, which will soon cease to be the state of the Jewish people, is welcome. If he opposes this, he can not be with us."

Amsalem further explained his position. "Why is the national public angry? It understands that the State of Israel is starting to move beneath its feet. It is starting to lose the state. Soon we will become a state of all its citizens, Mansour Abbas will become prime minister. A Supreme Court judge with a robe and glasses decides that chametz will be brought into the hospitals and that infiltrators will enter here, even imposes left-wing policies in the State of Israel. We must restore sanity."

When asked if his party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu supports his reforms he replied, "It does not matter, I did not ask him. I know what the right and the national camp needs ... We went through a year of trauma and realized that the State of Israel is in real existential danger. Without spirit, there is no state."

The Likud party dismissed MK Amsalem's remarks, saying: "These things were said contrary to the position and opinion of former Prime Minister Netanyahu. Netanyahu never agreed and will never agree to include Ra'am in his coalition."

Religious Zionism party chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich said that "the Religious Zionism Party will not in any situation sit in the same coalition with supporters of terrorism. Period."