Vigil in NYC
Vigil in NYCAmericans Against Antisemitism

Anyone who sent them a check shouldn’t have to demand a refund. Those guys should have the good sense to not bother to wait for the request. Just send the money back.

They didn’t earn the money, and they don’t deserve it and if there was a law about such things a good civil suit would shake them. Too bad they can’t be charged.

They? The establishment organizations--their leaders, and their board members-- alleged to be representing the interests of Jews.

They are doing such a good job that you can bet that record reported numbers of violent attacks against Jews and defacing Jewish institutions will keep growing.

They will tell you they are working behind the scenes and talking with people at the highest levels. Really high levels. The highest. The biggest. The most important. After all, with offices and lives in Manhattan they are doing their best with those important biggest, most influential, most significant, really powerful incredibly connected people to talk about the Jews mostly in the outer boroughs who are being used for young punk target practice.

It gets better.

Now we learn that New York City taxpayer dollars are being used to pay the salary for an executive director of the City Council Progressive Caucus. Not a public peep from any of those most connected most important hugely powerful, always working behind the scenes Jewish organization leaders. Problem? We will make history. A bigot—and a proud one at that—will be paid with the support of other bigots. She will always be a proud BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) organizer, targeting the Jewish State. Some of those self-defined Progressives who employ her are Democratic Socialists of America members. In order to be endorsed for office by that august group you must pledge not to visit Israel.

New York City has been a major locus of Jews since their arrival to this continent as early as the 1650’S. It was New Amsterdam then. They had to learn to get along or else. They were denied commercial licenses and locations to pray. They fought for their rights. And yes. They mostly became successful, despite pockets of poverty.

So what’s the problem?

The descendants of the strivers, the battlers for Jewish freedom to worship , to rightfully participate in the city’s commercial activities have decided they are better off if they now do what so many Jews have decided to do so many times before: don’t make trouble.

If you ask the average joe or jane on any street they will tell you how powerful they think the Jews are.

Power? The Jews have arrived. Three mayors. Two Governors. Commercial, artistic success. Philanthropy.

But power? Influence is not power.

Jews are represented to the outer world by self-important but well-funded outfits always identified by letters rather than full names. They are doing such a good job that Jews might in January find themselves with not one member of the tribe serving in the US Congress from New York City.

To make it appear “kosher” the progressives have hired—with our tax dollars—a Jewess with a history of obsessive anti-Israel fervor bordering on the violent. What have we heard from those most connected highly important behind the scenes advocates for Jews? Not a word.

Why? Let’s guess. The boards of these groups contain among members publicists and lobbyists who have client matters before elected City Council progressives.

Why? If it ain’t universal and not necessarily Jewish, they always seem to get excited. That’s what they’d tell you if they were honest. Another way to say it is what we all heard too often growing up: ugh, that’s too jewy.

Here’s to those self-important most incredibly connected highly successful biggest most influential organization leaders.

Keep up the good work. On second thought, keep the money you took from donors and from communal dollars. Just because you’re working so hard to make sure Jewish New York ceases to exist doesn’t mean we should be mad. After all, we’ve let you get away with it.

Hank Sheinkopf, CEO of Sheinkopf Communications is a leading political strategist who has worked on campaigns in four continents. His clients have included former President Bill Clinton.