Actor Ben Stiller travelled to Ukraine to meet with President Volodymyr zelenskyy and to see the impacts of the war up close this week.

Travelling with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Stiller also visited refugees in Ukraine and in neighboring Poland.

“It was an honour to meet President Zelenskyy on World Refugee Day as part of my visit with UNHCR Refugees to stand in solidarity with people forced to flee in Ukraine and worldwide, and bring more attention to the humanitarian situation,” Stiller tweeted.

Stiller met with Ukrainian refugees at the Medyka border between Ukraine and Poland.

“At the Medyka border in Poland I met families who fled the war in Ukraine, leaving loved ones behind, with no idea when they will be able to return home,” he said. “I’m so impressed with refugees representatives and how committed they are to supporting people on their journeys.”

He added: “Hats off to all the amazing people at World Central Kitchen who we saw feeding people fleeing the war zone, crossing the border of Ukraine into Poland. They are doing so much to help people along a very challenging road right now. It was great to see them out there.”