Preschool children (illustrative)
Preschool children (illustrative)iStock

Tens of thousands of haredi assistants in preschools and schools will receive a bonus ahead of the upcoming school year, United Torah Judaism chief MK Moshe Gafni said, according to Kikar Hashabbat.

According to Gafni, the assistants employed at haredi independent schools will receive an extra 1,500 NIS each, to be paid on October 1.

The bonus will be provided to pedagogical, educational, and medical assistants, as well as educators for solitary students in home settings. Now, Gafni said, the preschool assistants in haredi preschools will also receive the bonus.

In addition, assistants employed in the "summer camps" during the month of July will receive an extra 75 NIS per day of work. An assistant who replaces a preschool teacher will receive an extra 200 NIS in addition to her regular salary, for each day she replaces the preschool teacher.

In May, the Education Ministry announced that summer schools, which run through July, will be expanded to include preschools as well as grades 1-3.