Knesset debates Judea and Samaria law
Knesset debates Judea and Samaria lawNoam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson

A senior political figure in the government addressed the frequent crises in the coalition and the instability of the Bennett-Lapid government Monday.

"The experiment failed? The experiment was a success," said the senior official, "Can people with opposing views sit together? The answer is yes."

"I don't know what will happen day by day," he said if the coalition's future. "Each day and week it lasts is a net positive for the State of Israel."

Addressing the government's reliance on the Ra'am party, he said that "Mansour Abbas is pragmatic, I wish everyone was like him, but the optimal situation is that he is in the coalition but the government does not have to rely on him."

"We have a functioning government and the previous government did not function," the source emphasized. "If there are elections, I am not optimistic - I do not see how after the election there will be a government. Now there is a fully functioning government."

The senior official also referred to the possibility that opposition leader Netanyahu would take power and said: "Netanyahu's behavior at the moment is terrible. He says: 'I will burn the country if you do not give me the country.' Rewarding him for such conduct is a bad move. Holding a new election is not a good thing. That is why we are fighting for the continued existence of this government."

"We do not know what the future holds, we work at a day-to-day level. We want to get things done so that if there is an election stalemate, we will be able to get things going before then," he concluded,