National Insurance Institute
National Insurance InstituteYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The National Insurance Institute's Fund for Special Programs is partnering with Pitchon-Lev and social entrepreneur Erez Perlumter to launch a new and innovative service, called, "Zchut Bekalut," which translates to, "Rights in a Click."

This service, which is free of charge, will assist those applying for social and financial benefits. The service functions through a website and call center to receive applications. Every application submitted has a guaranteed review time of within 72 hours. Rights in a Click is for all Israeli citizens, and everyone is encouraged to use it. This website will initially focus on unemployment benefits.

The website directs applicants to experts who guide and assist them throughout the process. Applicants have access to experts in unemployment benefits, labor law, and others from Pitchon-Lev's Rights Utilization Centers. In addition, in exceptional cases when legal representation is needed, a legal representative will be offered in partnership with the Mitzvah Bar Association.

Eli Cohen, Pichon-Lev's CEO, commented, "The project's vision is to provide an excellent and innovative service that will increase Israeli citizens' utilization of their benefits. This project focuses on underserved populations that suffer from very low utilization of their benefits. This issue largely affects lower socioeconomic populations in Israel. I am convinced that this unique and innovative project will provide an effective solution which has never before been attempted."

"I thank the National Insurance Institute Fund that, at the end of a long, professional, and thorough process, chose to work with Pitchon-Lev in developing this project. I would also like to thank all our other partners for supporting us in this worthwhile project."