Orit Feld
Orit FeldCourtesy of the family

49-year-old Orit Feld, an Israeli tourist vacationing in Egypt with her husband, has been named as the Israeli tourist who drowned in the sea at Sharm el-Sheikh in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula.

Orit's husband, Itzik, described how his wife loved to visit the area. "She was an experienced diver and she traveled to Sharm twice or three times a year," he told Channel 13 News. "She said there was nowhere like it in the whole world. As soon as flights resumed, she was back there. She was an amazing person."

Itzik added that, "She suffered from epilepsy but she was very careful - she took good care of herself, but she wasn't about to give up scuba diving and snorkeling. She got so much out of it.

"Last Friday we traveled to Sharm, to a beach she knew, where you could snorkel. I was scared to try it but she really wanted to go. So we went there together, and after a half hour, I went back but she stayed in the water.

"Suddenly, I saw something was wrong, and I called for a lifeguard and yelled at him to jump into the water to get her out, but none of us knew how to do resuscitation. They didn't even have any equipment. One tourist, a women, tried her best to resuscitate her, but she couldn't save her."