British supporters of Israel reacted with outrage this week after Amnesty International’s general secretary said that anyone who criticizes its report accusing Israel of “apartheid” is “weaponizing antisemitism.”

Agnese Callamard made the accusation while speaking at a London meeting on Tuesday titled “Israel’s Apartheid against Palestinians: How to dismantle this injustice.”

The UK government’s antisemitism adviser, Lord Mann, blasted Amnesty for “looking obsessional” and “undermining all its other work.”

“Amnesty International is losing its influence by ruining its credibility,” Man told the Jewish Chronicle.

At the meeting, Callamard allegedly said that critics of the report were attempting to manufacture claims of antisemitism in order to silence free speech.

“They are calling names and refusing to engage,” she said. “[This is] a form of censorship, as is the accusation of antisemitism.”

She added: “There is a reality of antisemitism… they weaponize antisemitism.”

She went on to claim that “the accusation of antisemitism means people hesitate to speak. We have to ensure that politicians and elected officials [do not] refuse to recognize apartheid.”

Conservative MP Robert Halfon told the news out let that using the word “weaponizing” was “beyond awful.”

“What on earth has happened to this organization? I hope Amnesty members make clear that this is not acceptable.”