Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz
Health Minister Nitzan HorowitzAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Speaking at the Haaretz Conference, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz was candid about the government's situation and admitted that its ability to pass legislation or take action of any kind was very limited. As an example, he cited the illegal Bedouin outpost at Khan al-Akhmar.

"Bennett is the prime minister and yet he does not evacuate Khan al-Akhmar," Horowitz said. "And why not? Because he is in a government where not everything can be done."

Referring to coalition member Ra'am (the United Arab List), Horowitz said party head Mansour Abbas is "not left-wing. He's actually quite right-wing, on issues that are important to us: women, LGBT, [the legalization of] cannabis. These are all areas in which we do not agree with him."

Horowitz added that he had learned his lesson from dealing with the conduct of fellow Meretz MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi. "From now on there will be no more reserved spots on the party list. The results of our primaries are what will determine things.

"What Ghaida did has damaged the party," he admitted. "Even though she was motivated by ideological reasons, our voters prefer compromise [in order to preserve the coalition]. Ghaida's case was sad and disappointing. It shouldn't have happened. But I will be continuing to do whatever I can to ensure that the government survives."

The Forum for the Jerusalem Region responded: "Nitzan Horowitz has revealed the sad truth - the Shaked-Bennett government has decided to reward terrorists, lawbreakers, and the extreme left, and has no intention of respecting the Supreme Court's ruling and evicting the squatters of Khan al-Akhmar. When it comes to left-wingers or Arabs violating the law, Horowitz has no interest in Supreme Court rulings. It was recently revealed that the school in Khan al-Akhmar praises martyrs and encourages terrorists. The terrorist outpost must be evacuated."

The Forum also noted that, "The government has invested tens of millions in the Abu Dis solution [for the residents of Khan al-Akhmar] with plots of land and infrastructure ready and waiting. We must not back down in the face of these criminals, and we hope the Bennett government will come to its senses and enforce the law in the Jerusalem region."