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Senior Religious Zionist rabbis have called for a boycott of the Partner mobile company, and for the community to avoid using the company's products, Israel Hayom reported.

In a May 23 post by Partner, which the company posted ahead of "pride" month, the company wrote, "The Partner communications group waves the 'pride' flag. Ahead of Pride Month,' we will allow our employees to take an elective holiday (vacation at the company's expense) during the month of June. We are proud to be the first company in the industry which initiates such a step."

"In addition, we are changing the colors of our digital logo, which is displayed at the top of the company headquarters in Rosh Ha'ayin, to the colors of the 'pride' flag. And in addition, we will create a special category for 'pride' videos on FUTURE TV."

In a letter, Rabbi Dov Lior, Rabbi Meir Mazuz, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, and Rabbi Zvi Tau responded to the post, noting, "In recent years, we are witness to a widescale cultural battle, which attempts to blur very basic values in our lives, and which severely harms family values. This battle is fought in a brutal manner, while silencing those who try to bring the opinion of our Torah."

"Unfortunately, it became known to us recently that the Partner communications company, which is a business body with no ideological relevance, has chosen to take an active part in the propaganda of these organizations.

"We cannot stand silently in the face of the harm to the holy Jewish family. ... Therefore, we call on all those who subscribe to this company not to lend a hand anymore to harming the Jewish nation's values."