Nir Orbach exits meeting with Prime Minister
Nir Orbach exits meeting with Prime MinisterYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Yamina MK Nir Orbach and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met again on Sunday morning, after at least one-on-one meeting last week.

Sunday's meeting lasted less than an hour and as of noon-time, no official pronouncement had been made as to the content or atmosphere of the meeting, in contrast to the meeting that took place last Thursday, which was described afterward as a "good meeting."

It now appears that Orbach has reached a decision of sorts and has delivered Bennett an ultimatum: Either the problems within the coalition are resolved within the next few days, or Orbach will abandon the coalition and support the dispersal of the Knesset.

Meanwhile, senior figures in the Likud party, which reportedly offered Orbach a "safe" position on the Likud slate in future elections, are now frustrated with the Yamina MK after he broke off contact with them.

"Orbach has stopped talking to us, and our patience is running out," they said. "Orbach is fast on his way to becoming a second Ayelet Shaked, someone whom no one in the Likud wants to let into the party."

For his part, Bennett has appealed to Orbach to give him more time to come up with a solution, adding that new elections could result in yet another stalemate situation and no guarantee that the next leader will be any improvement.

The Yamina party in general would prefer that a coalition member from one of the centrist or left-wing parties be the one to cause the dissolution of the government. For Bennett personally, the issue is that much more critical, as if it is Orbach who provides the 61st vote to dissolve the Knesset, Bennett will have to vacate his position and allow alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid to assume the premiership in the run-up to the elections.