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A founder of the banned British neo-Nazi group National Action (NA) was given an eight-and-a-half year prison sentence, the UK Jewish News reported.

Alex Davies, 27, one of the extremist group’s founders who authorities described as the “biggest Nazi of the lot,” was found guilty of membership in the banned organization.

The group was banned in 2016 after it wrote tweets praising the murder of MP Jo Cox who was killed by a right wing extremist.

During the trial, the prosecutor told the court that NA, which used a logo similar to that of the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party, had “terrorized” residents across the UK by advocating for a race war.

In 2016, Davies was photographed in the execution chamber at Buchenwald death camp holding an NA flag and giving the Nazi salute, which is illegal in Germany.

Davies was the 19th member of NA, a group described by British counter-terrorism police as “incredibly dangerous,” to be convicted for membership in the banned organization.