Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) insists that the current coalition will survive the Knesset's summer session.

In an interview with Maariv, Shaked said, "We have a lot of work left to do. I still need to complete the process of approving my alternative for TAMA 38. There is the metro law, and in the coming session there is a lot more to do. I hope and estimate that we will survive the current summer session in peace."

Regarding the cooperation between herself and Yamina MKs Nir Orbach and Abir Kara, Shaked said, "We work in excellent cooperation as a complete party. When [MK] Idit Silman left, there were all sorts of rumors that we were probably the next in line, but we say that the entire party, not just the three of us, are working in cooperation."

When asked about the rising housing prices, she said, "I don't think that the new plan will solve the problem. We need to increase construction and make licensing processes simpler."

"I hope that towards the end of next year, the prices will moderate. The current housing prices are simply not normal. This is happening both because we are the only developed, Western country with a birthrate of three children per family. We always need to increase the supply of housing. We put over 100,000 apartments on the market. If we held new elections, it would simply be a catastrophe."